Install Cloudflared on Kubernetes

The Cloudflare Tunnel Client to let you access services at home without exposing your home network

May 5, 2023
Uptime Kuma

Install Uptime Kuma on Kubernetes

A fancy and easy to use self-hosted monitoring tool on my Kubernetes Pi cluster

May 3, 2023

Install Unifi Controller on Kubernetes

A Unifi Controller that’s always on at home, without requiring a Unifi Cloud Key

April 29, 2023

Setup NFS for Pi-hole

A simple solution for persisting Pi-hole data on a Kubernetes cluster

April 27, 2023
Pi-hole homepage

Install Pi-hole on Kubernetes

This HOW-TO shows you how to install Pi-hole on a Kubernetes cluster running on Raspberry Pi cluster

April 25, 2023

Create Metallb on Raspberry Pi Cluster

Provision load balancers for the bare metal Kubernetes cluster that is running on a Raspberry Pi cluster.

April 24, 2023

Install Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi Cluster

This HOW-TO shows you how to install Kubernetes (k3s) on a Raspberry Pi 4 cluster with k3sup.

April 22, 2023