Install kube-prometheus

The whole package of Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager for k8s cluster

June 11, 2023

Install Cloudflared on Kubernetes

The Cloudflare Tunnel Client to let you access services at home without exposing your home network

May 5, 2023
Uptime Kuma

Install Uptime Kuma on Kubernetes

A fancy and easy to use self-hosted monitoring tool on my Kubernetes Pi cluster

May 3, 2023

Install Unifi Controller on Kubernetes

A Unifi Controller that’s always on at home, without requiring a Unifi Cloud Key

April 29, 2023

Setup NFS for Pi-hole

A simple solution for persisting Pi-hole data on a Kubernetes cluster

April 27, 2023
Pi-hole homepage

Install Pi-hole on Kubernetes

This HOW-TO shows you how to install Pi-hole on a Kubernetes cluster running on Raspberry Pi cluster

April 25, 2023

Create Metallb on Raspberry Pi Cluster

Provision load balancers for the bare metal Kubernetes cluster that is running on a Raspberry Pi cluster.

April 24, 2023

Install Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi Cluster

This HOW-TO shows you how to install Kubernetes (k3s) on a Raspberry Pi 4 cluster with k3sup.

April 22, 2023